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College Life

Only those fortunate enough can truly appreciate the eventful and memorable 'college years.' In addition to learning and preparation for examinations our students can take advantage of the numerous extracurricular and leisure time options available.

Central Library
The Central Library has several sub units, including social science, literary science, foreign language and natural science components in which the necessary professional texts are available. The periodicals room houses several domestic and foreign publications and the media collection makes the study of other documents possible. Considering the number of the books held at the Archdiocesan Library in the Lyceum building as well, almost half a million volumes are available for students and instructors alike.

Student Body Association (HÖK)
The Student Body Association's primary objective is the protection of students' interests. It deals with all concerns and issues with special importance to the students of the College including placement counselling, the arrangement of cultural events and the provision of financial support for student participation at scholarly conferences.

The Student Advisory and Program Arrangement Centre
This office providing popular programs and making useful services available for students is an integral and indispensable element of College life. The Centre's contribution to student life is invaluable as it informs students on relevant academic, economic, cultural, social, and leisure time related issues while facilitating their orientation in the organizational structure and public life of the College and promoting a mutually beneficial cooperation with the cultural, educational, sports, and leisure time facilities and programs provided by the city. The Student Advisory and Program Arrangement Centre is primarily staffed by students majoring in Social Pedagogy.

The dormitories are controlled by autonomous Dormitory Committees operating on the principle of municipal governments. The College maintains four dormitories providing housing for more than 900 students. Almost 600 students can enjoy high comfort level, apartment-type accommodation.

György Kepes Special Study and Dormitory Association
The main objective of the György Kepes Special Study and Dormitory Association is the provision of appropriate conditions and a professional framework for sophisticated and high standard scholarly efforts, the acquisition of comprehensive professional and general information background, the development of a realistic and critical social perspective, along with active and responsible participation in public affairs.  The cultural and leisure time programs organized by the Association are significant components of student life. Two types of membership are available, as students housed at the dormitories and living outside the College compound as well are eligible. Admission is available for junior and senior level students enrolled in governmentally supported full time programs leading to their first undergraduate diploma and five percent of the total capacity of the Dormitory Association is set aside for those students who are either paying tuition or live in Eger. In both cases however, the candidates have to pass through an open application process and meet requirement criteria established by the General Assembly of the Dormitory Association.

Student Centre
The main objectives of the Student Centre include lifestyle counselling, social, career, and academic guidance. In order to promote students' chances at the labour market the Student Centre places a significant emphasis on employment information exchange via the organization of continuous job search training, communicational and learning efficiency promoting programs. The Student Centre successfully cooperates with other organizational and functional units including the Academic and Student Information Centre, the Student Body, the Student Advisory Centre, and the Centre for International Relations. The Student Centre offers continuous student services via peer group counselling and information provision. The work of the Centre is run by a co-ordinator, who promotes cooperation with the different organisational and functional units representing student interests.

Student Scholar Groups
The Student Scholar Groups (TDK) complement the scholarly research efforts conducted at the institution. The continuous success rate of our students at National Student Scholar Conferences is an important indicator of the level of the institutional research efforts.

Art Activities
Students interested in the performing and visual arts can take advantage of a wide range of options. The Egres Folkdance Ensemble established in 2003 has successfully participated in numerous international festivals and artistic forums. Students majoring in the Music program of the College have established two internationally and domestically acclaimed groups, the Sotto Voce Quartet and the Jazz Trio. The College's choir and chamber music orchestra regularly performs on classical and popular music events and concerts The College's drama troupe, the Szuszogó or Wheezing Theatre is another example of a busy artistic life. The best works of students participating in the Graphic Arts program are regularly displayed at the College and in the region as well. The György Kepes International Artists Colony established in 2002 continuously attracts prestigious partners every year, and the Liceum Television Station operates a film-making workshop. The College also provides reduced passed season tickets to the Géza Gárdonyi Theater and to the Philharmony concert series. The Student Club located on Leányka st. hosts not only student entertainment programs, but popular and classical music concerts as well. Students interested in poetry and fiction can regularly compete with their counterparts at Miskolc University, and so far four student-authored volumes have been produced as a result of this noble rivalry. Furthermore, our students regularly achieve high ranking placements at various university and college poetry performance competitions as well.

Student athletic activity takes place within the framework of the College Sports Club providing practice and competition opportunities in 7 sports (track and field, gymnastics, swimming, basketball, volley ball and soccer). The state of the art fitness centre is equipped with work-out rooms and a sauna.

Regional Informatics Centre
The Regional Informatics Centre (RIC) provides unlimited Internet access. The number of workstations is over 1200 and all of our educational buildings provide wireless Internet access.  .
In Building B of the College the Municipal eCompetence Centre, City Information Portal is located with 56 workstations. Students and the general public can take advantage of the following services: eLibrary, eBanking, ePublic Administration, eDemocracy. Furthermore, the eHungary Points can be found at 8 locations throughout the College.

The Informatics Service Centre (ISC), operating within the organizational framework of the RIC, helps students in the planning, manufacturing, possible copying and printing of the content of digital information carriers. The ISC also makes licensed goods and merchandise bearing the College logo available.