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Scholarly Work and Research

Research efforts performed at the College fall into two categories, basic, special discipline-related research and applied research utilizing the results of the basic research programs.

Basic research efforts are carried out in the following fields: Biology (Botany, Zoology), Geography, Mathematics, History, Languages and Literature, and Philosophy. Applied research programs focus on Educational Methodology, Applied Psychology, Pedagogy, Economics, Economic Geography, utilization of solar energy, nature protection and conservation, and food analytics. Moreover, the significant results achieved in fine arts and music are introduced in domestic and international events and forums.

The College is proud to maintain several internationally acclaimed research groups within its organizational framework. The Regional Business Development Research Group functions at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, and in addition to its institutional responsibilities the Information Society Instruction and Research Group based at the Faculty of Teacher Training and Knowledge Technology serves as a coordinator of the scientific activities of the region as well.  The Faculty of Natural Sciences has three major research teams including the highly acclaimed Bryology Research Group, The Institutional Arboretum, and the EGERFOOD Regional Knowledge Centre. The Knowledge Centre adhering to the Innovation Strategy of Northern Hungary performs such tasks as the coordination and expansion of domestic food safety research efforts, and the development of traceability systems for business partners in the region. Furthermore, by providing valuable research results for the economic sphere, the Knowledge Centre promotes the competitiveness of Hungarian food products. 

Financial and material resources required for successful and productive research and development activities are partly provided by normative financing and partly by grants gained as a result of successful participation in various project tenders. Aiming to further improve the standards and productivity of research efforts the College welcomes any potential investor, interested partners, or co-operation opportunity.

The fact that 40% of the full time staff have advanced degrees is another proof of the high level scholarly research efforts conducted at the College. The results of the research efforts are disseminated in the form of an annual output of 25-30 scholarly books and textbooks and 350-400 scholarly essays. Furthermore, our instructors are regular participants at numerous domestic and foreign scholarly and scientific conferences.